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Central Missionary Baptist Church

Chick Tracts

If you came to this website from a Chick tract (cartoon booklet) you received in the mail or picked up from a rack in a local business or institution, please go to the CONTACT page and email us describing how you came across the tract.  And take a look around on our site and check out Central Baptist Church.  This site is just like our church: small, friendly, to the point and uncomplicated.  Thanks for stopping by.

About Central
Central Missionary Baptist Church in Ellisville, MS is affiliated with the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi.  As a missionary Baptist church, we hold to the historic teachings of Baptists including Baptist distinctives concerninig the nature of a scriptural church and the doctrine and practice of its ordinances.  We strive for truth in scripture, preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God, equipping believers to make an informed decision on doctrine.

At Central Missionary Baptist Church, we are trying to live up to our middle name.  We have purchased 30 tract racks and placed them around Ellisville and Jones County.  Below is a picture of the racks before they were sent out.  We are also mailing out Gospel tracts to every home in Ellisville and Seminary.  If you received one of these tracts in the mail or picked one up in a business and found this web site from the tract, please contact us and let us know.  From 2013-2015, we have distributed 25,000 tracts and view this as a seed planting ministry. You can't reap a harvest if you don't plant seeds. If you have any spiritual questions, we would also like to hear from you.  Remember, Jesus is the answer to all sin problems.



Sunday Services
Sunday School: 10:00 am
Worship: 10:45 am
No service each 5th Sunday
We are located on the corner of Main Street and Blank Street in Ellisville, Mississippi.  Please email for specific directions.