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Central Missionary Baptist Church


Chick Tracts

Pastor's Biography


Joseph Harris has been pastor of Central since 2002.  He was also the Vice President of Southeastern Baptist College in Laurel, MS for seven years and served as the Interim President from June 2012 until May 2013.  Joseph served on the faculty from 1987-2013 for a total of 26 years  in higher Christian education. He received an A.A. in Bible and a B.S. in Pastoral training from Southeastern and earned a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He has also done post graduate work at the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently completing requirements for a Doctor of Ministry degree through Temple Baptist Seminary in Chattanooga, TN, dissertation pending. In addition to his responsibilities at Central, Joseph speaks many times each year at churches, Bible conferences, civic meetings, rallies, and various other venues. Joseph also presents a ministry program of illusions teaching Bible truths and has traveled in nine states presenting over 1250 programs in over 600 churches and various venues since 1995. See

He is the author of seven books and has written curriculum for the Baptist Publishing House in Texarkana, Texas. He also writes opinion editorials and news commentaries  which have been reprinted in several periodicals and on web sites such as WorldNet Daily, The Sword of the Lord, The Land of the Free, Canada Free Press, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, European Union Times, The Flaming Torch, Pulpit Helps, The New Media Journal, Conservative Voice and various other publications. He is married and he and his wife have a daughter and a son.


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