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Mississippi Christian Entertainers
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You can be added to the Mississippi Christian Entertainer List today.

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The following questions must all be answered in the affirmative to have your name and ministry added to MCE.

1.  Are you a born again Christian?

2.  Do you live a committed Christian life as a faithful member of a local church?

3.  Are 60 % or more of your programs performed for ministry purposes?

4.  Can you furnish at least one reference from a reputable individual in the ministry?

5.  Do you reside in Mississippi or book at least 40% of your programs in Mississippi(Some may live on the edge of MS/LA, MS/TN, or MS/AL or within booking distance of Mississippi)?

If you can answer YES to all five questions, then you may qualify to list your name and contact information with MCE.  Please send the answers to the above questions to .(If you are accepted as a member, then you will need to furnish the info in the orange box on the right of this column.

All information below is to be submitted by new members after being accepted as a member of MCE. ( If you have not yet applied, see if you qualify as a potential member, then follow the instructions on the left side of this page)

Name, address, phone, email, web site

Your specialty: magic, balloons, ventriloquism, clowning, mime, drama, puppets, or any other area not listed (Other than bands and musical groups, which are really a different type of entertainment from the performance entertainment on this site.  Check with music clubs and societies).

Years of experience and 2 or 3 past performances or bookings.

Your favorite saying or catch phrase for your program.

Name, address, email and phone of one ministry reference. (This info will not be published on the site).

Plus, a personal tidbit or two about you, your family, etc, to be used on the "Welcome New Member" section.

This info will be placed on the Mississippi Christian Entertainer List after review and approval.  If anyone has not answered the qualification questions correctly, their info will not be added, or if they disqualify themselves, they will be removed.


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